with White Rice
79. Beef with Broccoli 芥兰牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
80. Beef with Snow Peas 雪豆牛肉 (S)$6.95 (L)$10.40
81. Beef with Mushroom 蘑菇牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
82. Beef with Mix Veg. 杂菜牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
83. Pepper Steak with Onion 青椒牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
84. Kung Po Beef 宫保牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
85. Beef in Garlic Sauce 鱼香牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
86. Hunan Beef 湖南牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
87. Szechuan Beef 四川牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
87a. Sar Cha Beef 沙茶牛肉 (S)$6.75 (L)$9.90
88. Asparagus Beef 芦笋牛肉 (S)$7.50 (L)$10.85